Desert Mini's Off-Road Club

Welcome to Desert Mini's Off- Road Club!





Desert Mini’s Off- Road was designed as a joint venture for like-minded people as

a way to meet and share the joys of Off-Roading in Southern California regardless

of skill level.


Our goal is to have fun, share photos, videos and riding experiences.  We are

always looking to experience new riding areas along with meeting new people.

The main purpose of Desert Mini’s is to find people with the same “the more

the merrier”attitude who are looking for people to ride with.


Quite often what we hear is “I would really like to go ride but I can’t get anyone

else to go”.  It is with this in mind that this site was created. To be a means of

connecting people together for the purpose of enjoying Off-Road Driving.


If you have an event or outing we encourage you to post it on our calendar,

that way, people who are looking to ride, and don’t want to go alone

(What fun is that?) can find others to hit the trails with.


Since we do this only part time we ask for your patience while we get things going.

Additionally, we are planning on making Desert Mini’s more interactive over the

next few months and are open to your comments. Please subscribe to keep up

with all the news as it happens. For specific information please use our

contact us page or e-mail us at


                                        Welcome to Desert Mini's. Let's drive!



March 22, 2023